Customer Testimonials 

Just a few of the thousands of happy customers who’ve purchased their vehicles from Car-Lotta Car Sales!!
We are dedicated to making your  buying experience a positive one.

Chris K.  We felt your service was great. Our payments came out automatically and our van was paid off quickly and easily.

Diane K The staff is exceptional!

Amy A. It has been a pleasere dealing with Car-Lotta

Brenda F.   Love my car!

Nicole DAweome I have had a lot of financial dificulty recently and they have always tried to help me out and work with me.

Shelby KThey were wonderful- They were caring and had patience and understanding of our unique situation!  WIll continue to recommend
you to our family and friends.

Luis S. Awesome job!!

James R.  This is the second car I have bought thru Car-Lotta .  You people have been nothing but wonderful  to me. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a car, especially if you have credit issues.

Jason S.  Car-Lotta Sales & Service team really showed great customer sercice . I would  definitely recommend them to anyone!

 Brittany R.  I am glad I decided to go with you guys!  I have been making my payments on time for a year and a half and I haven't  had any issues with the car. I'm happy!!

Stephanie A.  Fantastic!  Thank you for taking time to fix my car when it broke down!!!

Elizabeth  O     Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Dan at the Hazleton location! I love my KIA Sportage!

Jeff P. They took care of me twice in Hazelton. Once when me and my now ex wife needed a car with less then good credit. Then again when my ex wife kept the van. Lol. Happy to say 4   years latter I'm still driving the car I bought from them when I needed another car.

Tabitha TJust bought my third vehicle from you- Thank you- Thank you- Thank you

Ryan M. " Great job!"

Donna P. "Just wanted to say thanks again for working with me to get my Jeep.
                      Other dealers would not finance me but you did when I really needed it." 

Rhett P. " This is not the first vehicle I bought from you. I kep buying  from you because of the service and care that you take with
                     your customers."

Samantha H. "I feel you guys are doing a great job! I recently  raded in my car and everyone there was so helpful and patient!"

Connie J. "You guys are GREAT as far as I am concerned."

Karen K.  "You guys are GREAT!" 

Jacqueline P.  " I have no bad  things to say. I've always been treated with respect."

Lottie S. " Every time I drive by the  Kingston store...I am reminded of the GREAT
                     experience I had buying my Charger from  you guys. I Love my car!"

Beth  P.  "Doing a great job..."

Steve K. "Great Service."

Lawrence M. "Great job!- Thanks!"

Joyce D. " I love you guys. You are very helpful and understanding."

Kim P. " Car is great! No complaints!"

Willon M.
"As far as I know you  are tops."
Kathleen M.  " Everything is fine!  It was a bit bumpy at first but all is fine now!  Thank you. "

Bernard J. " Great.... I wilsh you still gave extentions!"

Melissa B"You are doing Very Well."

Tom M.  "Doing a good job for me!" 

Brenda K" I Love the car I got from Car-Lotta Credit. THe people are always nice and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone."

Melissa F.   " I have had no issues in the 4  or 5 years I have been with  you."

Anthony G "Perfect Service."

Louise M. "I have alsways been pleased with the wonderful service I have gotten with CarLotta."

Robert G. " I would glady send all my frinds to Carlotta as they have stood behind me and made sure had a safe car to drive at all times."

Sam M.  " Been with you guys for a long time and You're Great!!  Everyone in there is so helpfull and always friendly."

Ruthann G.  "I was very pleased with the customer service I received. I was able to drive to work the next day!"

James A. "  I think that you  help people that realy need help at times when pople are havaing financial problems.
                   I would really like to thank you for  your help when we needed it".

Laurie D. "We are very happy  with Carlotta's cutomer service. They are very friendly. I love the car we bought.
                   I recommend Carlotta to our friends whenever someone is looking for a car." 

Julie R.   " You guys are awesome and I appreciate everything that was done for me to get my new Saturn!!  I love it!"

Michelle L.  "Really good, helped me alot to get my car. They are great people."

Nancy P.  "I'm doing fine with my jeep."

Rob C.     "Love this company!"

Jon B.     " You're doing a great job, car is running good- no hassle - great job."

Lena K.    " I absoutely love dealing with you guys. The payment center is a joy to deal with." 

Brenda I.    " Love my car- Like the convenience of making payments- Enjoy speaking with the staff."

Melissa A.          "You are doing okay. Whenever I need advise you are there with the answer."

Nicole T.                  "Fantastic... I love my Hyundai Elantra so much and I love driving it."

Frank & Ann M.   "Well to be quite honest... you gave us a lot to be Thankful for this year. The gift of transportation. We do not take it lightly.
                                    We are grateful you were there to help us and we love our car. There is not much else to say but THANK~YOU!"

Arthur W.  " I feel you are doing a great. I am very happy."

Rick S.   " I really had a good experience with CarLotta. I feel you are not out to rip off the people." 

Mary S.  " You have all been wonderful!"

Jenn J.    "You guys are great!

Kristle B. " I love my car. I constantly recommend you to my family and coworkers."

Brian S.     "Very pleased so far. Car running great!"

Desiree  H. " I'm very satisified.  I appreciate you working with me when I switched jobs and didn't receive a pay check for a month."

Jeremy G. " This is the only place I will go to buy my cars."

Jonathan B.   "You're doing a great job.  My car is running good. Great job! "

Michelle L. " They were a big help in getting me a car- Great people."